Backup Network Homedirectories to Time Machine

TimeMachine logoHaving a home server can be very useful when having a lot of computers at home or having a lot of machines with different capabilities. User can then choose which computer they want to use and will always have their home directory, group folders and shares right at the dock. Very convenient. But then you start to think about redundancy and data safety. What happens if your single home server crashes. All files and a lot of work will be lost. So there is a need for backups and since we’re using Mac OS X Server I started to look at Time Machine for backing up home directories.

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[Tutorial] OpenLDAP server + Mac OSX clients

Lately I have been busy trying to get my Mac clients to bind to OpenLDAP. I found the learning curve of OpenLDAP very steep. Almost 2 years ago now I did some experimenting with OpenLDAP and quitted because of the lack of tutorials that actually worked at once. I hoped to find an install script that could take away the pain of the configuration. Right now I’ve written one myself and if you just came for that, go on and skip to the download section.

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