Want a free/open-source Apple Home Server?

When Apple introduced the Mac Mini server version nobody knew. When Apple discontinued the XServe people started thinking. When the changes for OS X Lion became public and OS X Server was merged into the client-version, everybody should have known. When the rumors came that Apple will stop using Samba and implement their own SMB2 server/client, I knew: Apple wants to give the world an alternative to Windows Home Server (WHS).

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[Update] iPhone 4 NCK unlock progress

UPDATE at section 2.
UPDATE II at section 2.

My friend Herman is so kind to host my FAQ. Updates will be follow on this blog.

Since there is a lot of confusion out there, and since I’m repeating myself all the time (which I do not really like), I made this little write up of questions that are continuously being asked (my personal FAQ). Please note that this is a global explanation. Don’t try to argue with me on specific details.

1. What happend?! I thought the unlock for basebands 02.10.01 & 03.10.01 would be released within the next 2 weeks?
As you know the Dev-Team (MuscleNerd) have been working on the unlock for quite a while now. They were making great progress on the unlock, but they found out that they (accidentally) unlocked “one particular SIM card” instead of the baseband itself. Which means that the unlock would only be an unlock you could use with MuscleNerd’s T-Mobile SIM. So, useless. If the unlock would unlock the baseband instead of “the SIM”, it’d probably be out within 2 weeks (reasonable timeframe which they had hoped). But things turned out to be different. Basically these <2 weeks predictions were a lack of information.

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