WhatsApp on Mac or PC

Update 13/01/13: run WhatsApp on your pc/mac without a phone/VNC!

WhatsApp is a fairly new App for multiple mobile devices. Due to the App Store, Android Market, etc. it grew huge in just a few months. Especially since people started to use them as a replacement for SMS chats and because your identity is based on your mobile number.

I think WhatsApp as a service has one disadvantage: it only works on mobile devices. Although it might be the reason it so popular. At the moment it’s a replacement for SMS and services that offer equal features like Google Talk work on multiple devices. So the service is not thought of as some kind of replacement for SMS. The nice thing is that every one who has WhatsApp has a smartphone and therefore can also download Google Talk apps should WhatsApp become less popular.

The nice thing of a full scale qwerty keyboard is that you can type way faster and therefore communicate faster. So the other day I was having a conversation on WhatsApp and messages where being send almost faster than they could be read. In order to keep up with the chat I really needed a full size keyboard. Then I came up with the following idea: install a VNC server on my iPhone and connect to it from my mac!

So here is the manual to do so:

  1. Jailbreak iPhone
  2. Install Veency
  3. Install VNC client on mac like “Chicken of VNC” or “JollysFastVNC“.
  4. Connect to your iPhone

Until somebody decides to write a app that can use WhatsApp as a server – I might get that idea in my head and end up writing it myself, so stay tuned – we’ll have to use this epic work-around or continue using our phones keyboard..

22 thoughts on “WhatsApp on Mac or PC”

    1. Thats not true actually. I tried, since I wanted it to work, but I already knew that the Screen Sharing.app uses different protocols than standard VNC. Apple uses user/pass authentication where Veency has pass-only authentication.

  1. connection works fine but how do i use my macbook’s keyboard? iPhone does not react at all when i try to enter text

  2. Thanks! This is really interesting and it works.
    Not very efficient though.
    Also only the English works. Other IME (e.g. Chinese zhuyin) doesn’t work and iPhone somehow only receives the English alphabet.

  3. AWESOME! I used my ol’ Apple Bluetooth keyborad before, but this is even cooler! :razz:

    I have one question though: What key-combo do you use to send a message in whatsapp – (without using the mouse to click on send?). I treid like everything alt-return, -enter, cmd-rertun-enter, etc.

    My whatsapp is Version 2.6.7.

    Bedankt! :)

    1. I don’t think it’s possible. You have to wait until Whatsapp is going to make a native client.
      That will be perfect, but when..?

    1. Indeed, this thing isn’t ready for the masses yet. But I’m also dutch ;)

      Ik was begonnen dit te onderzoeken omdat ik dus op mn computer wilde whatsappen, maar kwam erachter dat het erg moeilijk is om dit werkend voor elkaar te krijgen zónder telefoon. Ik heb zelfs mijn telefoon afgetapt (het internet) met Wireshark om te kijken wat er over de lijn gaat naar Whatsapp. Er is een datakanaal dat leesbaar is (ik zie whatsappberichten voorbij komen), maar er is ook nog een controle kanaal en dat is beveiligd. Waarschijnlijk moet die eerst gekraakt worden voordat het mogelijk is op je computer te whatsappen.

  4. Yes? what should i write to server name , networkadress and the port.
    seemed there was no answer to that?? :smile:

    1. The networkaddress and server name should reflect you iPhone. Lookup in Settings > Network what you IP-address is and enter that. The port is 5900, the standard VNC port number.

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